The Ayurveda Shop



Ayurveda is sometimes called the “sister science” to yoga. It has been likened to Chinese medicine (just from India). As with many Sanskrit words, it helps to break it down into its roots. Ayur is life. Veda is study or knowledge, so you could almost translate Ayurveda in much the same way as the word biology.

But that still wouldn’t quite get to the heart of it. Ayurveda is a ancient system for keeping people well and helping bodies find the way back to wellness when an illness occurs. It is intertwined with yoga, and it could even be said that yoga is actually a sub-discipline of Ayurveda. As such, at Red Door we believe it is difficult to get yoga without getting Ayurveda.

For many, stepping into Ayurveda leads to the magic moment when all the juicy parts of yoga start to make sense and come to life.

The Shop

The specialized products of Ayurveda can’t really be replaced and usually aren’t carried by the average health food store. Red Door has made these products available here in Vermont. We are glad to answer your questions about them, explain how to use them (including tips for modern life), and help you find your our sources of product and information.

We carry our favorites from Banyan Botanical, Farm True, Life Spa, and Sarada. We have a selection of mainstays and ways to get started.